This picture makes me smile for some reason, Happy Hop Day!!


Sometimes my students ask me the funniest things.  Like, what sports I play (um…what is an adult league?), did boys like me in high school (well that’s just awkward) and do I eat Chinese food a lot because I’m a Chinese teacher.


My first thought to this last question was to say no, because I hardly ever eat what they consider to be Chinese food.  I can’t remember the last time I ate fried rice that I didn’t fry myself.

I do eat 包子 (bao) steamed buns and 餃子 (jiao zi) dumplings quite often (usually homemade) and I’ll occasionally throw together some noodles with black bean and garlic sauce, but stereotypical take-out food is rarely, if ever, on the menu.


Another student asked me if I’d reward him with eggrolls if he improved his grade.  (I get this kind of backwards bribery all the time.)  I laughed and said “we’ll see” like I always do, as I find the thought of myself deep frying eggrolls for my students wildly amusing (because you could never get me near a frying station).


I avoid eggrolls due to my deep seated fear of fried food, so when I found myself with extra eggroll wrappers and thawed chicken breast after this recipe, I decided to make a baked version.

Though the flavor combination might not make for a traditional eggroll, it certainly does make one tasty snack, that has become pretty popular around these parts.


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