So, yesterday I watched the Puppy Bowl.  Yeah, I watched the Super Bowl too (until the lights went out), but let’s get back to the concept of the first one.  Have you guys seen it?  Animal Planet sets up a fake mini-stadium, inserts cameras and a bunch of chew toys, and then lets a pack of puppies lose inside to just, well, act like puppies.  It was cute for about 5 minutes, until the novelty wore off.  I promptly put it on mute and continued my activities.


Until the kitten half time show came on.  Who comes up with this stuff, seriously?  I guess it’s just the conditioning my mind needs before watching men slam into each other, over and over.


And in contrast to all the meaty, cheesy, savory dips, chips and more that you might be eating for leftovers today, I offer you something small and sweet.


I have made cookie dough fudge before, and the result was nothing short of a disaster.  The fudge never came together, and I was left with what I described as cookie dough flavored “moon sand.”  This time, however, things are different.  The fudge is quite cohesive, and practically tastes like raw cookie dough cut into squares.  Except better.  Let’s call them a little sugar rush to get you through Monday.


One Year Ago: Black & White Cookies 


Adapted from Sally’s Baking Addiction