So, you may or may not have heard that a formidable snowstorm is heading toward the Northeast.  When I found out school had been cancelled for today on Thursday afternoon, I was jumping for joy.  (Yes, teachers love snow days too.)


I left school with a spring in my step and a song in my heart.  Until of course, I got to the highway.  The spring flung away and the song puttered out pretty quick, and I found myself acting in very unladylike ways.

I may or may not have yelled at a school bus.  More than once.  I’m pretty sure it was empty though.


My 18 mile commute took me about 2 hours.  Seriously, you can’t judge me for raging at an empty school bus.  It’s only barely worthwhile because I don’t have to drive in today.  Instead, I get to spend some extra time in the kitchen. (And hope that our power doesn’t go out.)


While winter is prime time to enjoy citrus fruit, I actually made these bars without any fresh lemons.  Using store-bought juice and frozen zest, these bars are just as tasty, and I don’t have to find out about all the little paper cuts I received at work the annoying way.

These bars are bright, flavorful and certain to sweep away wintertime blues.  Even the kind that might lead you to throw a tantrum in your car.


One Year Ago: Pulled Chicken Empanadas


Adapted from Butter Baking