And so my restful week has drawn to a close and it’s back to life as usual.  I will miss wearing clothing with waistbands and cozy hoods and getting away without putting on deodorant.


Back to the long commute, long hours at school, and a new stress ball to help me keep it all together.  Can you tell I love my job?!?  Ouch, Internet sarcasm does not become me, sorry for the bitterness guys.


Let’s take it back a step, back to Sunday, where life is leisurely and breakfast happens at 8 or 9 at an actual table, instead of at 5:30 as I stand over my phone checking my email.   When I can take the time to enjoy my food, instead of shoving it down so I can brush my teeth and move on to cleaning the snow off my car.


Sunday morning, when I eat my scone lazily as I catch up on an old crossword puzzle and get angry glares from Izzy for getting up so late.

I had bought an orange with some recipe in mind, but somehow got sidetracked into these scones instead.  Light and fluffy, combined with the bright burst of citrus and earthy stability of poppy seeds, these scones take me to a happier place.  Join me, won’t you?  It is Monday after all…


One Year Ago: Cinnamon Sugar Biscotti


Adapted from Our Best Bites