Well folks, it certainly was a blizzard.  Resulting in another snow day today, yippeee!


This car was stuck in front of our house for over 24 hours.  Seriously, who would try to drive through this stuff?  As a result, the upper half of our street was plowed, but not the lower half, the half that leads to the main road.


There’s a path in there somewhere…

We parked down the driveway so that we wouldn’t have to shovel the whole thing to get our cars out, and thank goodness for that.  That, and neighbors with snow blowers.  Though it kind of got to the point where the snow walls on either side were too high for the machine to pump snow onto them anymore.  And now there’s a huge snowberg blocking the driveway anyway, courtesy of the plows.  Today is going to be fun.


Being homebound has never bothered me though.  I braved the crazy crowds at the supermarket on Friday to buy supplies to keep me kitchen-happy all (long) weekend.  Let’s keep it going today!


To thank our valiant neighbors for their efforts, I made them some cookies.  Soft, puffy chocolate snickerdoodles, laced with cinnamon and cayenne pepper.  Aptly named, these delicious little morsels have just the right balance of kick and warmth to keep your taste buds both intrigued and satisfied.


One Year Ago: Red Velvet Cheesecake Cookies


Adapted from Night Baking