Let’s talk about breakfast.  Aside from these awesome biscotti (which lasted barely a few days under my sticky, hungry fingers) I haven’t posted about breakfasty things all that much this month.


Which is odd for me, since I eat second breakfast.  Yes, I’m pretty much a hobbit when it comes to my eating habits.  I eat every few hours (it’s a must as a teacher, as my  fuse shortens remarkably the hungrier I get) so I often (read: every school day) eat second breakfast just before my first class.


So having quality, portable breakfast goodies every week is kind of important to me.  I love donuts and muffins drenched in glaze, gooey cinnamon buns oozing with filling as much as the next girl, but eating them at 7:30 am while trying to finish grading a stack of 8th graders’ homework is a little tricky.

That’s where the biscotti and scones come in.  They’re compact, easy to carry around in my school bag, and they also happen to be fantastically delicious.  Especially when almond paste is involved.  I recently had a conversation with a good friend about how we both despise whole almonds, but will eat any kind (and in vast quantities) of baked goods flavored with almond paste or almond extract.


Yeah, ok, so I’m weird, but these scones are pretty darn tasty.  Apricots and almond paste might not an intuitive combination, but the slightly chewy fruit chunks and the small bits of almond paste scattered through these scones meld together wonderfully.


You’ll have to make them yourself to see what I mean ;)

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Adapted from Confessions of a Bright-Eyed Baker