I will be postponing my weekly picture of Izzy until Friday.  It just doesn’t seem fitting to go on blathering about my bunny chasing sunbeams when such a tragic event happened just a few miles south of my home.


I was in Connecticut during the bombing and Luke was at work in northern MA, so we are fine, and thankfully, so are our friends who live in the city.  Our thoughts go out to those whose loved ones were in the blast zone or otherwise affected by this tragedy.

It’s hard to make a proper transition into a recipe after such a somber subject, but I do really want to share this one with you.


Slow cooking stew meat turns the tough cut into tender, fall-apart-in-your-mouth morsels that I just adore.  This easy meal involves umami rich shiitake mushrooms and miso paste to create a very satisfying meal, served best over udon noodles or rice.


One Year Ago: Chai Spiced Rice Pudding


Adapted from Singapore Shiok