This day seems to have taken forever to get here.  My school is on April break next week, and it couldn’t have come at a more needed time.  I feel so burnt out, so emotionally ragged that I might just stay in bed for the first weekend and refuse to come out until my batteries are recharged.


If I’ve called you while stuck in traffic on my way home, you understand.  I’m beyond thrilled to say goodbye to that situation for a week.

I’m also thrilled to take the mornings in slowly and not eat a breakfast that consists of a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese and half a piece of banana bread while standing over the kitchen island in approximately 1 minute and 47 seconds.


Instead, I’ll be able to sit down, relax, and enjoy the mornings, made all the better by the addition of these mini frittatas.  While I’m normally a sweet-everything kind of person, a savory breakfast appeals to me now and then, especially one that features eggs.


These frittata cups are a perfect serving size, heat up in a few seconds, and taste great.  Plus, they’re easily customizable so you can tailor them to your own taste buds.  I used red pepper, onions, scallions and (don’t tell my husband) spinach in my version. Did I mention they’re also fantastic for weekend brunch?


One Year Ago: Roasted Banana Ricotta Scones


Adapted from A Farmgirl’s Dabbles