Happy Hop Day!  This Wednesday I decided to share with you the chronicles of Izzy the Rabbit and the Washing Machine.  This rabbit is obsessed with trying to go behind the washer, and I just can’t understand why.  All that’s back there is dust, lint and an ant trap–not really what I’d consider bunny heaven.  Yet, every day without fail, I’ll realize I have no idea where she is, and find her sheepishly running out of the laundry room when I call her name.  So one day I followed her and watched…with my iPhone handy.


The process in action

Rabbit brains…seriously so strange.  Almost as strange as me posting about beef stew in May.  Well, hear me out people.  At work, some teachers complained about the faculty room being too hot, and now, the A/C is on all the time.  Like, all the time, full blast.  Not only is it ridiculously wasteful, it always creates a very sad working environment.  Multiple people have brought blankets in, it’s bad.

As a result, I’ve been craving warm foods at home. Even if I’m warm enough to not actually need them by the time I get there.


I’ve always wanted to make my own beef stew, it seems so homey and stick-to-your-ribs good, so when I saw a post on The Kitchn about how to make homemade beef stew, I knew that the time had come.


I was really pleased with the way the stew turned out, except for one aspect.  The stew meat I used was more heavily marbled than I would have liked, so the stew came out a little greasier than what I might have liked, though I still ate and enjoyed it.  Make sure your beef is marbled to your liking, because the slow cooking method used in the recipe (which is awesome and makes the beef fall-apart tender and amazing) will also leach all the fat into the broth.


So after some chill time and some serious sieve work on my part, this stew was fantastic.  I definitely think it’s going to work its way into my winter meal rotation next year.

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Adapted from The Kitchn