In all my dryer anger/frustration, I totally forgot to tell you all about my Mother’s Day present.  Here it is, along with the lounging bunny that “supposedly” sent it to me.  Happy Hop Day!

Amazing Chocolate Covered Strawberries! Thanks bunny!


Bunny legs

 When I  first started this little blog, I had very little by way of kitchen wares.  I had just moved into my first apartment after college, and most of my baking pans/kitchen tools were hand-me-downs from my mom or left by college roommates , but I made it work.  Then I got engaged, and fell into the trap of adding a bunch of random cookware to my registry, instead of items we could really use, like pretty curtain rods, flannel sheets, or a lifetime supply of paper towels.


Instead, I saw pretty patterns and designs, and the mouse just moved on its own, I swear.  And so I came to own a madeleine pan.  The delicate ridges of the seashell-shaped cookie-cakes just called to me.  So here I am, about 8 months later, actually using the darn thing.  ‘Bout time.


Since I had never made madeleines before, and didn’t really know what to expect, I went with something simple-the classic, elegant vanilla bean.  These little cakes are just a tad crispy on the outside, soft and moist on the inside and bursting with vanilla flavor.


I was worried Luke wouldn’t like them (he’s more of a chocolate/peanut butter than little French cakes kind of guy) but after one bite, he declared half of them to be his.  Which is honestly a good thing, considering madeleines are best eaten the day they’re made!

One Year Ago: White Chocolate Cherry Scones


Barely adapted from Completely Delicious