After finally achieving success in convincing me to share my berries, little Izzy basked in glory in front of me, clearly quite pleased with herself. What a life.

final strawberry

You know who else is quite pleased with herself?  *points thumbs at self* This girl.  With my last day of teaching behind me, today I’ll be doing a little basking of my own as I attend a field trip to Brown University with my 8th graders.  And then it’s just two more days until summer vacation freedom.


(I’ll be posting a cake on Friday, by the way.) But for today, let’s talk about food to propel and power us through the rest of the week.  This recipe is by far the best granola I’ve ever made. I know, a lofty statement to be sure, but seriously.  The flavor profile resonates with me on every level.  You’ve got almond extract (plus sliced almonds) doing most of the heavy lifting, combined with dried blueberries and bits of chopped white chocolate that just take it to a whole new level.


The flavors meld together fabulously, and as a result, I’m pretty much eating this granola by the handful.  You know I’ve got a container of it stashed in my bag today for snacking.  It’s also completely amazing on vanilla  yogurt, or sprinkled over ice cream.  This has definitely turned in to my all-time favorite go-to granola recipe!


One Year Ago: Flourless Chocolate Cake


Adapted from the Pastry Affair