Oh Taipei, time has flown by here way too quickly, and I can’t believe it’s already time to continue on to the next leg of our trip.  For those of you who don’t know, I spent a semester studying abroad in Taiwan in college, and have obviously been dying to go back ever since.  Luke was kind enough to agree to take two days out of our time in Japan to hop over and spend some time in my old stomping ground.

And it was awesome.  Hot, muggy and sweaty, yes.  But nothing beats being able to order something in a restaurant without pointing, gesturing, and hoping what you just ordered will actually be something you like.

Now let’s move on to the pictures.  I got my bubble tea fix, we ate dim sum, buns from my favorite stand, noodles, wontons, and shaved ice, so I’m pretty pleased given we only had two days.


My first bubble tea back in Taiwan.


Green Onion Spiral Bun from my favorite bun stand.


There’s always a wait at this bun stand.


小籠包 (soup dumplings) at Din Tai Fung.


I live for Taiwanese wontons.


刨冰-Mango Shaved Ice, a Taiwanese speciality.


Egg tarts at the airport.

Shopping in Taiwan was also a success- it’s going to be hard to go back to Japan prices.


A new wallet with a coin pouch for all those pesky NT and yen coins.


And a new purse to go with it.


Missing Izzy led to this purchase.

We didn’t really go to many museums/landmarks because I’ve already seen them and Luke wasn’t too enthused to go either.  But of course we went to Taipei 101.


Can’t miss Taipei 101.


Seriously, it’s like everywhere…


Ximending-“hip, young” Taipei.


Bear giving directions in our hotel.

We also went up north to the coast one day to try and beat the heat.  I should seriously have learned this lesson already-there is no way to beat the heat/humidity in Taiwan in July.


The Danshui coastline.

Now we’re in our next city, and I can’t wait to share it with you in a few days!


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