I’ve decided to break my travel posts up by city to document our trip, so first up, we have Tokyo!  Man, it felt like we were there forever, and yet for no time at all.  I’m going to try and let my pictures do the talking so let’s start with food.  We definitely tried to eat as much traditional Japanese food as possible, and I think we made it happen.


Ichiran Ramen-a classic Japanese dish.


Yakitori (grilled, skewered meat). They grill the meat over charcoal right in front of us…it was a little smoky, but delicious.


Beef Tongue Stew-don’t cringe, it’s amazingly tender.


Kobe beef and salad.


The most adorable little cake from the Tokyu Food Show in Shibuya.


Amazing sweet potato roll in Asakusa.


My green tea goods collection. It’s already gotten larger since this photo was taken!


Luke enjoying a Family Mart rice ball.


Udon and Inari


9am sushi at Tsukiji Fish Market-the freshest sushi ever.


The best sea eel according to the menu. Best I’ve ever had!

We still have some other traditional fare to try when we get to Kyoto and Osaka, but I think we made a good dent in Tokyo.  Next up is shopping.


Ameyoko-an open air market in Tokyo.


My new house slippers.


We bought robes!

Wow, that was fast.  Yeah, I didn’t take too many pictures in stores, plus we did more window shopping than anything else.  And now for some site seeing/outdoor scenes.  I love Tokyo’s unique mix of horticulture and cityscapes.


The view from our hotel room on the 30th floor.


A building with traditional Japanese architecture at the Imperial Palace Gardens.


Don’t be koi with me…


The Senso-ji Pagoda in Asakusa.


The tea house in Hama-Rikyu Gardens

Tokyo is an incredible city, deftly combining the traditional and modern in a seamless way.  Like being bowed to by greeters at the morning opening of a department store.  And then at the cashier.  And then on the way out of the store.  Or being escorted out of a restaurant by your waiter, hostess, and manager, as they bow the whole way, offering you a free souvenir of their establishment.  Then you step out onto the street, where the next intersection has three massive television screens on all the time.

We had a great time, and as we fly on to our next city, I can’t help but get even more excited since we’re headed to Taipei, Taiwan!  Stay tuned for my next recap post in a few days!

P.S. I’ve also been Instagramming/Tweeting/Facebooking about my travels (follow me buttons are on the homepage), so if you’re into more on-the-spot updates, that’s a great place to stay in touch!


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