Most people might not think that Michigan in general is a vacation destination, and I would generally tend to agree with those people.

But then you get there and wow. I remember why this place holds so many memories for me.  Unfortunately, though, this was not a vacation. Well, not really. My grandfather passed away back in March, and the main purpose of this trip was to scatter his ashes on the beach at Lake Michigan as a family.  It was a tearful, impromptu ceremony, but it was what my grandmother wanted and I was happy that both Luke and I could be there to say our final goodbyes to my Grandpa Bob.
We spent a lot of time with family, and enjoyed some local goodies.
Like the thinnest crust pizza at Fricano’s. This pizza’s crust is like cracker thin, so there’s no mound of dough at the end of the cheese. They serve only one size and have about 6 toppings to choose from, but they were packed, even at 5:15. (They open at 5.) As a thin crust aficionado, I was in heaven.
We spent a good deal of time walking on the beach (though the water was way too cold to go in) and walking on the channel wall on the inlet between Lake Michigan and Lake Muskegon.
On Monday, we took a ride up north a little ways, and went on an attraction called the dune scooters. You ride in a long, open car on the dunes and it ends up being “kind of” like a roller coaster on the ground.
Our visit was full, with only a little bit of time spent lounging around, and we had a good time being with my family, most of which I hadn’t seen since our wedding (almost a year ago)!
I’m not sure when I’ll be out to Michigan next, but I can definitely say I’ll be back. That place just calls to you somehow.
I’ll be back with a recipe tomorrow, I just need some time to get back into the swing of things.
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