As I presented dinner to our guests a few weeks ago, I noticed my husband giving me a subtle evil eye from across the table.


But he couldn’t say a word.  And I was relishing it.  You see, my husband is a wonderful guy, but he has a few minor flaws.  One of them being a strong aversion to my culinary best buddy, the chickpea.  Normally, I boil up a batch of the tasty legumes and add them to my dinners throughout the week, but this dish just wouldn’t have been the same without them.  I mean, you can’t make a tagine without chickpeas, right?  It has to be an unwritten law or something.


So when we had company over for my birthday dinner a few weeks ago, I took advantage of the situation.  No way I wasn’t going to be eating what I wanted on my birthday.  And there was no way my husband was going to tell me not to make chickpeas on my birthday.  Cue the maniacal laughter.

Plus, I got to use my tagine for the first time!  We got it as a wedding present, (a year ago…oops) and, well, I definitely needed to put it to use.  So I threw together a tagine worthy of a birthday.


I’m not a fan of apricots in savory dishes (and they seem to be in so very many tagine recipes), so I went with a combination of seasoned meatballs, chickpeas and potatoes flavored by smoked paprika and a touch of saffron.


Our guests loved it, and guess who got to eat all the chickpeas out of the leftovers….oh yeah, this girl.

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Adapted from Potato Chips are not Dinner


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