My kitchen is my happy place.  (I’m sure you never would have guessed, right?)


It is my dominion: a place where I have sole control over what happens.  A place where I feel confident and ready to take on anything.

Except when little mishaps occur.  And they occur.  I like to think that I’m very calm and gracious in the face of adversity, and in some environments (like my job) I somehow manage to pull it off.


Sadly though, when they happen in the kitchen, I turn into a mess of anxious energy that somehow manages to do everything except solve the problem rationally.  Running around the kitchen on the verge of tears has yet to be a solution to anything.

So while I was in the middle of whipping up this amazing peanut butter and totally destroyed my food processor, I tried to remain calm.  I really did.  But making peanut butter is one of those processes wherein doing it by hand really doesn’t work.  Thankfully, the butter was far enough along that I didn’t have to lug out my mortar and pestle.  I’m okay with chunky peanut butter, but I think that would have taken it a little too far.


I did have to blend in the white chocolate by hand though, and wound up with random bits scattered throughout the peanut butter.  (Which actually turned out to be a delicious surprise.)


There are few things better than homemade peanut butter.  Wholesome, simple and delicious, it’s like a jar full of sunshine and white chocolate.  Keeping a little container in my bag is my mid week pick-me-up.  Join me, won’t you?


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Adapted from How Sweet It is

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