This is the time of year I live for.  Autumn is unequivocally my number one, all-time favorite season.


But it’s not because I can now bake with pumpkin (is there a law against baking with pumpkin all year round?  It’s in a can and the price doesn’t change seasonally, so…yeah) or drink hot beverages.  I very rarely, if ever drink hot beverages, so when everyone in New England blows a gasket about pumpkin spice lattes at Dunkin’ Donuts I just kind of blink and shrug and go about my business.


Autumn holds a cache of delightful childhood memories, and every year I can’t help but feel them bubble forth as the leaves change color and the temperatures drop.  The only seasonal decorations I own are for autumn, (thanks, Mom) which makes my husband very happy, as he does not understand the need for them in the first place.  Weirdo.

Autumn (I hate calling it fall) is a time for comfort food, foods I gladly eat all the time, even when it’s “seasonally inappropriate” <–whatever that means.


When I made this hearty tagine, I knew wanted a warm, bread-y accompaniment.  Like the kind of bread you want to wrap yourself up in and take a nap.  Well, that’s what I’ve got for you today, as long as you don’t mind the dreamy shallot smell and sea salt.


Naan that’s just a touch crispy on the outside, pillowy soft on the inside and studded with shallot bits and sea salt crystals for tiny bursts of flavor.

Warm naan + nap = best afternoon ever.


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