Hey there!  I’m starting another new segment here on Bashful Bao called Tuesday Tastings, devoted to reviewing local (and non-local) restaurants.  Because, let’s face it, I’m not cooking every night and when you live as close to Boston as we do, you gotta get out and explore!

And so today we begin our journey at a little restaurant called Myers + Chang, located just south of Chinatown in Boston.  I had read about the place while perusing Boston Magazine’s restaurant section, and knew I had to eat there.


First a little background.  The restaurant was started by Christopher Myers and Joanne Chang (who also begat the amazing Flour Bakery), and boasts a menu with a dazzling array of family style Asian dishes with Taiwanese/Chinese bend.  (Can you tell why I needed to go?!)


The restaurant itself is flanked by wall-to-wall windows on one side that have been emblazoned with a large dragon decal, and the inner décor is that of traditional Asian meets starlight diner with shiny metals walls affixed with cherry blossoms and decals sporting other Asian motifs.  The table placemats are excepts from Chinese newspapers (so I can catch up while I eat!) and a container of chopsticks and other utensils sits atop each table.


The food is served family style, so you simply order a number of dishes, and they are brought to you as they are ready.  The offerings range from small plates to dumplings to noodle dishes, all at reasonable prices.


Crispy Duck Fried Rice


Housemade Sriracha

To amply fill up myself and my husband, we ordered tamarind glazed hake, (that one was all me, baby) crispy curried duck fried rice, steamed pork belly buns and thai pork lettuce wraps, along with a side of housemade sriracha.


Thai Pork Lettuce Wraps


Tamarind Glaze Hake


Pork Belly Buns

And of course dessert was in order once I saw they had pavlova on the menu topped with matcha whipped cream.  The husband got five-spiced chocolate mousse that came in a huge mug.


Pavlova with matcha whipped cream and fruit

We walked away from Myers + Chang feeling supremely satisfied.  Their dishes were fresh and inventive, not to mention absolutely delicious.  They offer Sunday dim sum, as well as “Cheap Date Nights” on Monday and Tuesday.  So if you’re looking for a new twist on Chinese in Boston, you’ll definitely want to check this place out!

For additional info, check out their website.

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