Fun bunny fact: Izzy is obsessed with chewing the buttons on my pajama shirt.


While I’m obsessed with gnawing on these beauties…

I know this has nothing to do with today’s recipe, but I realized I missed a bunny post over the weekend and wanted to make sure you all get your weekly dose of rabbit talk.

Anyway, as I write this post, she is going to town on those buttons. I think she’s trying to tell me she’s been watching me eat too many of these banana caramel bars, and now it’s her turn to eat, but a small part of me also likes to think she just loooves cozying up to me and adores my wonderful company.  And thinks my shirt tastes amazing.  There’s probably some caramel on it somewhere…


I think we all know which is actually true, but before you say it out loud…look what I made for you!


The base for these bars is akin to that of a homemade granola bar, so I’m totally ok with you eating one of these for breakfast.  So what if there’s a little caramel and chocolate involved, aren’t there cereals that consist entirely of miniature chocolate chip cookies?


They also make a fabulous dessert or afternoon snack.  Mondays need some versatility, you know?  And I think I need to find my back up pajama buttons.

One Year Ago: Sweet Potato Pie


Adapted from Top With Cinnamon
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