Today, I need a break.


And lucky for me, I have today off from work, (thanks Veterans, you guys are awesome!) so the break I’m referring to is a dual act.  1. having a three day weekend has been a great opportunity for me to spend some time in the kitchen, so that’s a great break from the daily grind. But 2. I’m taking a little break from all things pumpkin, apple, and warm spices.


I love, love, love all that stuff, but right now I feel so chock-full of it that I’m on the verge of burning out.  Considering it’s barely mid-November, I’d say that’s not a good omen.


So, I decided to take a step away from the cinnamon, away from the crisper drawer full of Braeburns, (at least for a little while) and went to the pantry to find something different.


I came away with another love of mine, almond paste, and whipped up these adorable crescent cookies.  (Which would probably look fabulous on your Christmas cookie plate, by the way.)

These bad boys are all about almonds, a lusciously chewy dough made with almond meal, almond paste, sugar and egg whites, then you roll the dough in sliced almonds and bake until you can’t take the heavenly almond aroma any longer.


And don’t forget that chocolate drizzle!  And have a sweet Monday!!

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Adapted from Love and Olive Oil

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