What a fun word to say.  Doesn’t it just conjure up some great mental images too?  I remember when my family was on doughnut duty at church (meaning we picked them up from the local Dunkin’ Donuts or wherever) and I got to leave Sunday school early to “set them up.”  Also known as eat about 2 doughnuts and 4 munchkins before anyone else got there.


Definitely some of my fondest memories of church right there.  My favorite kind of doughnut was Boston Crème, but I don’t think I ever would have given a jelly doughnut a second look.  Which is kind of sad, because I’ve totally grown to enjoy them.


But I also don’t like having a kitchen and all my clothes covered with powdered sugar, and since it’s autumn and all, I decided to make a jelly doughnut that was more seasonally appropriate.  Also, I baked them.  If you want to dunk your doughnuts in hot oil, go right ahead, but the thought just terrifies me.


So whether you bake or fry, please make sure to coat thoroughly with cinnamon/sugar and pump full of apple cider jelly.

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Adapted from Baked by Rachel

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