Last night as I was drifting off to sleep, I wish I had soft, fluffy thoughts of powdery snow, but instead, I was serenaded by various engines and car tires struggling to find purchase while driving up our horrendously plowed street.  And by horrendous, I mean virtually unplowed.


All I could think about was the hope that the same situation would not befall me this morning, or an even worse one.  As we were sloughing the layers of thick, slushy snow off of our cars yesterday, we paused to start the vehicles so as to hasten the defrosting process.  Except mine did not start.  It sounded like it really wanted to, but just couldn’t get there.  It felt like winter was giving me the finger.


2 hours later I still hadn’t gotten through to my insurance company, through which I have roadside assistance coverage.  Unfathomably frustrated, I went back outside and stared my car down.  “Why do you hate me?”  I thought.  My car was usually so reliable, and had never had major problems in the 8 years it’s been in my possession.


I gave it a pat, held my breath, and tried the ignition again.  Somehow, painful though it sounded, the engine turned over and my car sputtered to life.  Oh. the. relief.


It definitely warranted a faceplant into a steaming plate of hearty chicken paprika stew and egg noodles to warm my tortured soul.  This amazing stew is out-of-this-world comforting and delicious.


I swear it felt like it was hugging my taste buds and telling me I’m going to get through this winter just fine.

Two Years Ago: Pulled Pork


Adapted from Annie’s Eats

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