I think I have been to more co-ops and organic/GMO free/environmentally sustainable/wall to wall all-natural goods stores in the last fews days than I have visited in my entire life.


Yep, Vermont will do that to you.  I also got to see some pretty places and pretty ponies.


Mashup of the Vermont Icelandic Pony Barn and Church Street Market in Burlington

This recipe is definitely well suited to this trip, as making a dinner that features a meat substitute is probably common around these parts.  (Though not so common in our house.)


I’m perfectly content to substitute beans or lentils into my meals for protein, but trying to sneak it past my husband can be tricky. He’s a 100% meat and potatoes-what-is-this-non-meat-stuff kind of guy.


So I told him these were mushroom meatballs and left the lentil part out. Still, he didn’t seem too thrilled.  What a party pooper.

I, on the other hand, thought these were mighty tasty. The consistency is a bit smoother than what you’d get with meat, but the flavors were intriguing and it really hit the spot.


You could definitely find me eating these “meatballs” sans pasta, dipped in hummus, or sandwiched between two pieces of sourdough bread accompanied by melty cheese.


Or we can stick with the traditional route–spaghetti and marinara sauce.

Hop on over to Cookie and Kate for the recipe, it’s a real winner!

Two Years Ago: Lemon Matcha Pound Cake

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