I’m sneaking in one more restaurant review in 2013, taking me up to a grand total of 2!  Yeah, it’s a new series and it’s growing slowly but hey, I’m trying.  Anyway, earlier this month we went on a mini vacation to the Waterbury, Vermont area.  Practically the moment we decided on where we would be going, I was all up on the Internet looking for places to eat.  Typical Anna.  I’m the kind of person who likes to scope out restaurants and peruse menus online before eating out.  What…you don’t do that too?


I did my research in this room at our B&B.

When I was doing my “research,” the Prohibition Pig did not come up.  However, once we were there and passed by the restaurant multiple times while poking around Waterbury, I became very curious.  Then I went back to our b&b, did a little of my “research,” and got very interested.

We were eating there the very next night.


Image from Offbeateats.org

The ambience was rustic, but cozy—sort of like old barn meets chic metro.  Does that even make sense?   It was busy at the Pig that night, and seated right next to us was a family with two adorable little boys.  I made silly faces at them throughout the meal that were met with bashful smiles.

photo 1

On our table was a metal basket full of house-made condiments: two types of hot sauce, barbecue sauce and vinegar.  Their menus were also at the table, at the top of which was a thank you message to all the local farmers that supply the restaurant.  Oh, how very Vermont of them!


To start, I ordered the house-made Bavarian soft pretzel knots.  I can’t remember the last time I ate a soft pretzel (I seriously have to make them at home), so it was a welcome treat, even if I declined to use the coarse mustard that accompanied the dish.  Luke ordered fried jalapeno cheese balls-definitely right up his alley.  I love that both apps were served in mini cast-iron skillets!

photo 2

Since we were eating out so often, I tried to find restaurants with good salad options so I wouldn’t feel so guilty not finishing my meal (I am all about saving part of my entrée so I can enjoy it later at home…and eat more appetizers.)  I ordered the staff salad-a bed of peppery arugula, topped with farro, roasted brussel sprouts, grapes, tomatoes (which I omitted), toasted hazelnuts, and parmesan cheese, tossed in a honey-shallot vinaigrette.  I was really excited about this salad, and it was good, though sadly for me, I found it a tad overdressed.  I feel like I should have sent it back, but I did not.  Some people might like their salad doused in dressing, but I prefer a light coating to lubricate the greens, not drown them.

photo 3

Luke got a barbecue beef brisket plate, which he seemed to really enjoy.  It came with a hush puppy garnish that confused him at first, until I explained what hush puppies are.

photo 4

And finally, came dessert.  We almost always order dessert when we go out to eat (unless there’s really nothing special) but when I saw an apple crisp designed for two on the menu, it was happening.  Honestly though, this thing was enough to feed 4 people.  It came in a 6” cast iron skillet, oozing with baked apples, oatmeal crumble topping, boiled cider drizzle and locally sourced vanilla ice cream (Ben & Jerry’s?).

photo 5

Overall, it was a pretty good experience (we did have a worse one while up there) and if you are ever in Waterbury, Vermont (maybe passing through to Burlington), I’d definitely recommend a stop at the Prohibition Pig.  (They also have an extensive beer menu for those who enjoy that sort of thing.) You can check them out here.

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