I have been really confused about what day of the week it is…coming back from a vacation mid-week is a bit discombobulating.


But I’m 99.9% sure that today is Friday, so that’s exciting.  I’m hoping to post more in-depth about our vacation this weekend, so if you’re interested in what to do in Vermont during the winter time, you won’t want to miss it!  Actually, I found the Green Mountain State to be full of stark, natural beauty and interesting attractions (and we now have so much maple syrup we could probably bathe in it).


But I’ll talk about that later (Vermont…not bathing in liquid tree sugar).


Today I’ve got some muffins for ya.  I sometimes get really focused on hearty, warm winter flavors and I tend to forget about all the bright citrus and tropical fruits that pop up this time of year.  The fact that I’m not the biggest citrus fan in the world might coincide with why I tend to gloss over those bright fruits, but this year I discovered mangoes.


Which aren’t technically a citrus fruit, but close enough.  I will devour any sort of dried mango that’s put in front of me, and now I’m enjoying cooking and baking with the source.  (Maybe I’ll finally get a dehydrator and dry my own someday!)  I have grown to love this juicy, vibrant fruit, so here it is baked into a fluffy mango-tastic muffin with an added bonus of a homemade white chocolate crunch.


It’s like sunshine in muffin form—don’t let it blind your taste buds!


Adapted from Scarletta Bakes

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