I love me a good ragu.


Whenever we go out for Italian in the North End, I always look for a ragu on the menu.  There’s just something about that slow braised meat sauce that makes me so very happy.  I will pick a ragu over a cream based sauce any day.  For me, there’s absolutely no contest.


So when I found a lonely pack of beef shanks at the bottom of our chest freezer, two thoughts crossed my mind.  1.  I have got to create some sort of reminder system for myself when I buy meat on sale at the Asian supermarket and 2. What the heck do you do with beef shanks?


I know it’s a tough cut, and after some initial puzzling, I couldn’t believe it took me so long to realize I could cook those shanks low and slow and turn them into a lovely ragu.  And with temperatures on the East Coast ready to plummet back down below freezing, it seems like warming comfort food needs to get back on the menu in a hurry.


I added mushrooms because they’re one of our favorite vegetables (they’re pretty much the only ones Luke actually enjoys eating), but you can feel free to omit them, or play around with different veggie combos.


Let’s make Monday delicious.

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Adapted from Inspired 2 Cook

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