Have you ever come across a recipe or food concept that just totally blew your mind?


I’m not talking about elaborately decorated layer cakes or tiny petit fours with ridiculous fillings, I’m talking about a simple notion that just takes your brain by storm and makes you wonder why you didn’t stumble upon it sooner.

This happened to me during the infancy of my obsession with food blogs, and it came by way of a recipe for gingerbread bars with white chocolate chips.  I was still a relative baking novice and for some reason, the idea of making a gingerbread bar resonated with me on every level.


Well, I tried it, and the bars came out way undercooked.  Still totally delicious, if you don’t mind your gingerbread being a bit runny.


Fast forward to present day, where I was struck again by the idea of a chewy gingerbread bar, this time with bittersweet chocolate chips.  The results were definitely better this time around: the bars came out chewy and luscious; deeply flavored by molasses that was tempered by the sweetness of the chocolate.


Gingerbread: my new Wednesday pick-me-up!

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Adapted from the wonderful Averie Cooks

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