I eat two breakfasts.


Is that weird?  It might be weird.  I feel like you’re giving me a weird look.  And no, I am not a hobbit.

Eating two small meals in the morning just seems to work for me rather than combining them into one larger meal later.  I like to eat right after I get up, but if I eat too much too early, I find that my stomach tends to get unhappy with me.


So I end up eating a second breakfast.  For my first breakfast, I like to eat something light and nutritious like yogurt or cottage cheese.  The thought of shoving my face into a cinnamon bun just after getting up doesn’t quite work for me.  That’s what the second breakfast is for.  It’s during this time period that I like to eat the heavier goodies–the rolls, coffee cakes, etc.


It used to be that coffee cake wasn’t offered too often in our household because Luke grew up without ever eating a proper coffeecake.  The cakes he had experienced in the past were sad, desiccated mounds that barely qualified as a biscuits, let alone coffee cake.  It took me some coaxing but I finally got him on the coffeecake train after getting him to enjoy this family jewel.  The man loves banana bread, so when I turned the concept into a banana coffeecake, he jumped right on board.  And being the coffee cake loving second breakfast-er that I am, I was pretty pleased as well.


Hope your weekend is filled with cinnamon-swirled goodness!  (I’ll settle for regular goodness too.)

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Adapted from Portuguese Girl Cooks

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