Today we’re turning the dial back to seasonally appropriate.


I think we all know why.  Unless you live in southern California, and then you get to eat popsicles and watch as the rest of us suffer under this arctic vortex of chilling doom.

Last night, we went out to dinner in the North End as a going-away event for a good friend who’s moving to San Francisco on Friday.  (I should have given her some popsicles as a going-away present.)  Anyway, from the time we sat down to the time we left the restaurant, the temperature dropped like 25 degrees.  It was nuts.  So we bought some bread for some carbo-loading pre-hibernation behavior.


Bricco Panetteria

Or, I guess we could pair it with some tasty soup.  Let’s go with the later plan, since I don’t think I can fit hibernating into my work schedule.


This was my first attempt at a pureed bean soup, and I was a little nervous that the consistency would be off, but it turned out great.  That immersion blender I snagged from a friend after graduating from college sure has come in handy!


I love the simplicity of this dish and am totally in awe of how such a short list of ingredients can yield such a full-bodied, complex soup.  White beans, roasted garlic and smoky paprika are the stars of this show, and they perform accordingly.


Did I mention that this soup totally satisfies the requirements of the resolution: “I will eat healthier this year”?

Two Years Ago: Chocolate Pumpkin Pie


Adapted from Culinary Colleen

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