House hunting during the winter is a real drag.


If the house has already been vacated, it’s super cold inside and I am seriously put off at the request to remove my shoes and view the house with hardwood floors and tiling in my socks.  My frozen feet will never forgive those realtors.   Plus, you can never get a good feel for a lawn when it’s covered in ice and snow, and I’d like to actually to garden (or something like it), so looking at the available space is important to me.


But snow seems to be on the menu this week at Mother Nature’s restaurant of Earthly Tortures, so there’s no point in fighting it.  (Or complaining about it to invisible Internet friends.)


Guess I better hunker down and make something warm and tasty to soothe my wounded soul.  I don’t think I ate many sloppy joes growing up (though I probably encountered one or two in a school cafeteria at some point), but when I saw a version of sloppy joe sliders (ultimately more classy) with an Asian twist in Food and Wine, I immediately ripped out the page for a rainy day.  Make that a snowy day.


And if you make the rolls from scratch too (not saying you have to), you’ve got yourself a rewarding and delicious snow day activity!

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Adapted from Food and Wine

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