In exactly one a week, there is going to be some silence around these parts, for which I apologize profusely in advance.


I’m not abandoning you, I swear, it’s just that I’m kinda, sorta being dragged to China…just kidding.  About the being dragged part. The rest is true!  I’m going to China!  Finally!

By that I mean I’m going to Mainland China.  I’ve been to Taiwan twice, been to Japan twice, and now I’m finally making my debut in the Mainland.  Now, it is a business trip, so I will be working the vast majority of the time I’m there, but luckily, most of my job will be escorting school officials to academic fairs, accompanying them while site-seeing, translating menus so they don’t order pig intestine at dinner…


That happened to me once…not fun, let me tell you.  Anyway, I’m really excited, but aside from all my duties for the trip, I’ll also need to keep up my regular work correspondences, so it’s going to be busy.  Couple that with the internet situation of Mainland China (which I’m not looking forward to) and the result is me not knowing when or if I’ll be able to put up posts while I’m there.  I’ll do my best to share at least a picture or two, a funny anecdote, or pity party about how I lost all my luggage, but I can’t make any promises.

Speaking of luggage, I haven’t even started packing….I’ll get there.  And you can get these amazing blondies.


Bars like this are seriously the unsung heroes of the dessert world.  You can do so much with them as far as flavor profiles go, plus they’re portable, they freeze well and the recipes are easy to halve or double according to your needs.  These peanut butter blondies are laced with malted milk powder and studded with honey roasted peanuts and chopped up peanut butter cups.


Guess I know what I’m snacking on during my 14-hour flight next week…

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Adapted from Piece of Cake

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