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I had such grand plans for catching up on some seriously needed blog material this weekend.


But as I’m sure you can already tell, by the mere fact that I started this sentence with “but,” we both know that didn’t happen.  Having your house on the market is the pits.  We had to spend Saturday at my in-law’s house, (so I lost the whole day) and then just as we were leaving, we got another showing request for an hour later, which is right when we’d be getting home.  Ugh.


We had another bunch on Sunday, all spaced randomly enough that I never had a solid chunk of time to work with.  I managed to bang out dinner and make cookies, but sadly, the latter were a real flop and shall not grace these interweb pages.

Luckily, I had the fortunate idea last week to light a fire under my butt about cleaning out our pantry.  Since I still had 2 bricks of guava paste, I figured it was high time to get cracking on that supply.


These bars are amazing.  The crumbly crust is made with coconut oil, which adds to the tropical flavor imparted by the guava.  Plus the crunchy almonds and turbinado sugar I sprinkled on top are a great contrast to the smooth guava paste.  These babies are winners in both the flavor and texture categories; which makes me feel a little better about my flop yesterday.


Don’t have guava paste? No worries, substitute your favorite fruit jam, and have a great Monday!

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