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There are a couple things I’m really excited for when it comes to the kitchen in the new house.


It’s not an amazing kitchen with immaculate granite countertops and perfectly sanded and painted cabinetry, but it is much more open and has a ridiculous amount of space with a walk-in pantry and extra shelving leading into the living room.


It also has a nice big window over the (double!) sink that is not one foot away from the neighbor’s driveway and 3 feet away from their actual house.  One perk of moving to the “country.”


But let’s get back to all that space.  It’s going to be awesome and I just can’t wait to have ample room in which to store all my random shit valuable kitchen tools.  Like my popover pan.  Gotta make room for your popover pan, so that you can make honey roasted garlic parmesan popovers in them.  Or sriracha swirled popovers for your husband before you go away on a long business trip.



I’m not really sure I understand the science behind what makes popovers do what they do, but I certainly understand that they are tasty fabulous.  I love how dense and chewy they get after they sink back down after sitting at room temperature for a bit.  The flavors of garlic and parmesan are just right in these, well pronounced, but not overpowering.


Maybe some will pop into your kitchen this weekend?  (Don’t mind my corny jokes….but do have a good weekend all the same!)

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Adapted from Just a Taste

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