I can’t believe this is my first chickpea curry recipe on this blog.


After two and a half years of spouting my love for the little legumes, I’m finally posting a dish that’s totally chickpea-centric: the culinary wonder that is chana masala.


Did I also mention it comes together in less than half an hour and tastes AMAZING, no matter how many dirty looks your chickpea-hating husband throws at you while he’s eating his reheated leftovers from two nights?

Sometimes a girl just needs a little face-time with a delicious curry, you know?


There are a few small Indian markets in my town where I picked up some of the more special ingredients for this dish, but if you’re unable to locate them in your area, I’ve also included a a tip on how to recreate those authentic flavors.


When I put the first spoonful of this curry, I pretty much did a little dance around my kitchen as a pat on the back.  This. Stuff. Is. Good.


Like, I might have to designate a night for it every week: Chana Masala Thursdays.  What do you think? I can feel the evil glares emanating from my husband already, but it is just so tasty I’m not sure I care….

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Adapted from Use Real Butter

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