I’ve heard people say that children grow up in an instant.


You’re cradling your baby gently in your arms one moment, and the next, they’re dashing about on their own, a whirlwind of childhood glory.  Before you know it, they’re all grown up and independent and on their own, navigating the world as young adults.


Or so I hear.  I’m still in the navigation stage myself, and I’m not really ready to drop anchor and tether myself to a human baby who will grow up too fast just yet—my rabbit baby fills the void in my heart for something cute and cuddly, and she makes A LOT less noise (but just a little less mess.)


Still, it’s hard for me to believe that she’s already 3 years old this month.  I can remember the day, 3 autumns ago, when we were aimlessly cruising through the rabbit exhibit at the Topsfield Fair and realized that some of the bunnies were for sale.  When our eyes settled on this little girl, we knew we wanted to take her home, despite the fact that neither of us had owned a rabbit before.


A terrible breed standard, but oh so cute to me!!

This month, we celebrate another year with this little (and currently molting) ball of fluff, with yet another carrot-cake inspired dessert.  I think I’m running out of ways to re-interpret carrot cake into different forms, but this manifestation is definitely a winner!


I had to delay making it a bit since the recipe calls for browned butter and we just got our gas line up and running last week.  I guess I could have made it with plain, melted butter, but to me, that just wouldn’t fly.


These chewy, white chocolate studded carrot cake blondies are amazing—deeply flavored by nutty brown butter and warm spices, and the cream cheese frosting is to die for.

Izzy even got some on her whiskers…Happy Monday!


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Adapted from Baker By Nature

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