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Hi there!  I’m Anna (aka the Bashful Bao) and welcome to my humble  food blog.  I’m a 20-something lady trying to manage life with more than my own mouth to feed.  I live outside Boston with my wonderful fiance husband Luke and our Netherland Dwarf rabbit Isadora (Izzy) who makes regular appearances around these parts.


A bao (pronounced bow-like the bending motion) is a type of steamed Chinese bun, traditionally stuffed with a meat or vegetable filling. I studied abroad in Taiwan during college, and became particularly fond of bao, to the point where I’d make regular pilgrimages to the same vendor every week. My Taiwanese roommates thought I was crazy.
I’m an introvert by nature, despite two parents that would easily chat up strangers. I’m shy and still haven’t learned how to accept compliments without blushing so it seemed like a good name. Also, as I explained up above, a bao is a type of bun, and we happen to have a bunny as a pet, so yeah, there’s another tie-in there I guess.
Well, ok, if you insist. We got her at the Topsfield Fair in Topsfield, MA in the fall of 2011. Her name is Isadora, Izzy for short, and she’s a black otter Netherland Dwarf. She’s about 8 inches long when curled up and weighs about 2 pounds. But don’t let her size fool you, she’s got a lot of personality and knows how to use it. She’s also a house bunny, meaning she is litter trained like a cat and has free run of the house, couches, beds, etc. If you’re interested in learning about our process in transforming her from a cage rabbit to house bunny, feel free to email me.
Well thanks for asking. My name is Anna and I live with my husband Luke and Izzy just north of Boston. I’m currently working as a middle school Chinese teacher (I majored in Chinese in college) but I love being in the kitchen, obviously.
I didn’t get really interested in cooking/baking until college, and around that same time, I discovered food blogs. I followed a bunch for a while, and after I graduated, I decided to start one myself to share my kitchen adventures with the depths of the Internet. So, armed with a hand-me-down camera from my mother-in-law, and my previous trial-and-error kitchen experiments, Bashful Bao began.
I’m definitely more of a baker than a cook, though I do enjoy both activities. I love Asian cuisine, so I make a lot of dumplings/stir frys/baked goods featuring matcha green tea or black sesame paste.

I plan out my menus weekly, and try to diversify as much as possible, pulling from all parts of the globe, as well as other websites/magazines/cookbooks for inspiration.

All photos are on my blog unless I state otherwise. I shoot with a hand-me-down Nikon D1000 on my house’s radiator covers. I try to use natural light whenever possible, and can definitely say to any new bloggers that taking good photos takes a lot of practice. My early photos are just, well, not so great.